OzLinked NBN – Connection Fees/Modems & Other Information

Connection & Modem pricing:



Modem – WIFI 4 Port modem

24 Month Contract – $0 24 Month Contract – $0
12 Month Contract – $50 12 Month Contract – $45
00 Month Contract – $100 00 Month Contract – $95
BYO Modem          – $0

OzLinked NBN Plan speeds:


  • OzLinked NBN Plans are available in 2 different speeds of 12/1 mbps and 25/5 mbps. The plan price will be dependant on the speed you select. Connection and modem charges will remain the same for either speed.
  • Actual speeds may vary due to a number of factors such as your equipment and software and internet traffic.
  • Devices connected by Wi-Fi may experience slower speeds than those connected by ethernet cable.

Once you have exceeded your allocated usage for the month, your speed will be slowed to 512kbps till the end of the billing month. You can request for a change to a higher plan to remove this speed cap.